Dorma AGILE 150 Sliding Door System
Dorma AGILE 150 Sliding Door System
Dorma AGILE 150 Sliding Door System for Wall Fixing
Dorma AGILE 150 Sliding Door System Ceiling Fixing

Product Details

Superb track geometry
Height 63 mm x width 54/58/72 mm (ceiling/wall/side screen version) – these are the telling dimensions of the AGILE 150 sliding door system.

Minimal gap
The minimised dimensions of the track profile give rise to very small clearances between the glass and wall or glass / glass components.

Sophisticated track roller technology
The AGILE 150 maintenance-free clamp type carriers can support and transport glass panels of up to 150 kg.

One system – many solutions
The AGILE 150 offers versatility in the truest sense of the word.

No glass preparation
With clamp-type fittings, the need to drill and cut the glass is eliminated.

Long service life
The exceptional longevity of the system has also been proven in protracted tests involving more than 100,000 operating cycles (performed to DIN EN 1527).


Model No.


Max Door Weight

150 kg

Glass Thickness

8 – 13.5 mm


Satin Stainless Steel

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