Dorma BEYOND Sliding Door System
Dorma BEYOND Sliding Door System
Dorma BEYOND Sliding Door System Wall Fixing
Dorma BEYOND Sliding Door System Ceiling Fixing

Product Details

DORMA BEYOND sliding door fittings are just as versatile, safe, secure and stylish as their counterparts for single-action and double action doors. Whether for wall mounting or for integration in a toughened glass assembly (with over panel and side panel), the BEYOND system offers a functional, technically proficient and stylish solution for any environment.

Load transfer from the over panel and side panel can be effected by means of wall adapter profiles. The specified glazing thickness for the sliding door is 10 mm. Finishes for sliding door fixings and accessories: aluminium anodised, EV 1 deco or similar to matt stainless steel.

The stopper, which is integrated in the track rail, ensures reliable and precise slowing of the sliding door. Its position can be changed at any time.

The DORMA BEYOND sliding door system has successfully completed the DIN EN 1527 functional test. Results: durability test to Class 5 (50,000 motion cycles); initial friction to Class 3 (corresponds to max. 40 N).


Max Door Weight

80 kg

Glass Thickness

10 mm


Aluminium EV1-Deco

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