Dorma RSP 80 Sliding Door System
Dorma RSP 80 Sliding Door System
Dorma RSP 80 Sliding Door System Technical
Dorma RSP 80 Sliding Door System Technical

Product Details

RSP 80 sliding door system.

Minimal gap dimensions

Design specifications automatically ensure very small gap dimensions between glass and wall.

Sophisticated track roller assembly – secure hold

The RSP 80 is able to satisfy a wide range of customer requirements up to the highest level: its two visible and maintenance-free roller carriers are rated to support glass panels of up to 80 kg in weight. A total of 4 glass drillholes with diameters of 26 mm serve to locate the glass fixings. The proven track roller engineering ensures particularly smooth and quiet operation. In terms of running ease, the RSP 80 satisfies the criteria of Class 3 according to EN 1527 – that means that a maximum of 30N of the door mass has to be overcome as initial friction in order to set the door in motion.

Exact stopping

The exact endposition of the door both in the opening and the closing direction is variable thanks to the selectable position of the end stops.

Elegant floor guidance

The AGILE floor track offers an impressive combination of effective functionality and attractive design. Its two-part construction means it is very easy to install, and its infinite adjustability between 8 and 13.5 mm ensures safe and secure guidance of the glass panels.


Max Door Weight

80 kg

Glass Thickness

8 – 10 mm


Aluminium EV1-Deco

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