dorma sl12 sliding door gear for timber door
dorma sl12 sliding door gear for timber door
Dorma SL 12 Sliding Door Gear for Timber or Glass Door Technical
Dorma SL 12 Sliding Door Gear for Timber or Glass Door Technical
dorma sl12 – timber roller
dorma sl12 – track
dorma sl12 – guide timber
dorma sl12 – stopper
dorma sl12 – bracket

Product Details

Dorma SL 12, fingertip control plus…

. . . designing made easy
. . . ordering and stocking made simple
. . . uncomplicated installation
. . . superb action
. . . trouble free operation

Sturdy extruded aluminium closed track giving reliable and smooth operation whilst protecting the carriers from dust and dirt.

Two in one profile suitable for side or top fixing.

Direct top fixing through predrilled holes with uniform spacing.

Side fixing by brackets that are secured into special slotted holes. Opposing slot patterns ensure safe, non-slip fixing.

Rugged carrier made from heavy-duty glass-reinforced plastic.

Extended carrier head to prevent rollers from hitting the top of the track if the door is jerked upwards.

Large diameter nylon rollers for smooth, quiet running.

Independently connected rollers with needle bearings allowing individual rotation to ensure optimum operation and protection of the running surface from excess wear.

Self-aligning suspension ensures that the door load is equally distributed, helping to compensate if the track is slightly out of alignment.

Detachable fixing plate for quick and easy installation. Height and offset adjustments give great flexibility.

Door holder mechanism for both open and closed positions is standard equipment. If not required the rollers can simply be reversed. The holding position(s) are adjustable.

Convex track bearing surface prevents clogging through dirt build-up and is in effect self-cleaning.


Max Carrying Capacity

120 kg


Silver Anodized

Track Length

2000 mm, 3000 mm, 6000 mm

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