TGV Cinemas

The biggest TGV cinema is located in Sunway Pyramid, with 12 screens and 2598 seats. The second largest TGV cinema is TGV Suria KLCC with 12 screens and 2459 seats. It was previously the largest TGV outlet before substituted by TGV Sunway Pyramid after renovation which included an IMAX hall, 2 TGV Club and 1 TGV Beanieplex.

Their latest cinema outlet is at AEON Mall Taiping which opened in October 2015. It houses 7 screening halls including a Beanieplex hall.

TGV Cinemas is to be on a rebranding exercise spree, launching their new concept first at TGV AU2, followed by TGV DPulze and also the other upcoming cinemas. They introduced a new type of cinema hall named as Beanieplex (also known as ‘the bean bag hall’), which the seats are all replaced by bean bags cushion where moviegoers will be able to experience their movies in the comfort of bean bag cushion. Beanieplex is available at TGV Sunway Pyramid, TGV ÆON Bukit Tinggi Shopping Centre, TGV 1Utama,TGV Setiawalk Mall, TGV ÆON Tebrau City Shopping Centre, and TGV 1st Avenue.